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I feel lightness from knowing something from my past isn't a part of my future_edited_edit

About me

Being on my mat is where I find a place of acceptance and comfort.

I can fidget all day long, and find a thousand things to distract me, but on my mat, I can settle; move, breathe, and let go of things that might be troubling me. 

Yoga, breathwork, guided relaxations and nourishing gentle movement seem to soothe my mood so that I feel safe to feel - and let go of what might be niggling away under the surface.

Exploring Mindfulness and Yoga helps to slot everything back into place so that we feel whole again. I feel honoured to share these with you, so that you can also experience a sense of peace.

I love seeing you float out at the end of a class, a welcome change from the rushing and hurried arrivals!

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My Story

From the moment I first got on a yoga mat, it felt like home. That feeling when everything inside you fits together, you feel whole; safe and enough. I 'did' yoga for 3 years before a series of events lead me to train as a teacher. 

Since returning from my YTT in India in 2017 I've connected with myself and learnt to love myself. My classes have built a local community in Hassocks, a group that support each other and learn together. I also teach parent and child yoga classes which are a special space for them to share their vulnerabilities, build trust, laugh, play and relax together. 

I teach my own interpretation of Vinyasa Yoga (Mindful Flow) and firmly believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone. Options for all levels are provided throughout the classes. I also work privately with a number of clients, tailoring each session to their specific needs. 


I am also trained in teaching yoga to Parents and Children, encouraging them to dedicate time and attention to each other. We use breathwork, mindfulness techniques, yoga-inspired exercises and acro-yoga to promote communication, awareness, strength and relaxation.

EFT was introduced to me in 2020, it had such a profound effect on my self-belief that I undertook the training to become an EFT Practioner. I am also trained in EFT Reimprinting/Matrix. 


In addition to this, I co-host Mindful art sessions, which incorporates gentle yoga stretches and breathing with guided art sessions with another local company, Love Art Studios.

I believe there is nothing like creativity to calm a busy mind and love to share my favorite relaxation practices during my mini retreats; yoga, meditation, massage, art and sound baths.

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