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Deep dive on EFT

EFT sessions can be held in my private studio in Hassocks or online via video call.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is best described as acupuncture for emotions - and without using needles! It is also known as tapping.

I use EFT to help you move through the blocks and unhelpful believes, gathered as you made your way through life the best way you knew how.

Using EFT we are able to help you get to the root of uncomfortable feelings or behaviours that you experience and release the trauma behind them, creating a sense of emotional freedom.

Our emotions and reactions are formed on our previous experiences, so if our subconscious perceives a situation as similar it can send you into a warning stage (eg. anxiety) despite your present situation actually being safe.

EFT enables us to take this trauma response out, and therefore create space for how you want to feel instead.

Through EFT/Tapping I guide you to follow your feelings; see them and speak to them as we're taken on a journey of uncovering the roots and causes of the feelings and underlying beliefs that your subconscious has stored.

We can also work 'in the matrix' if it feels relevant which enables us to reframe memories so that they feel more comfortable to retrace.

It's very powerful, yet gentle work; great for anxiety, phobias and limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome.

Like moving an old car out the garage so there’s space for the new car, we release negative feelings to create space in our mind and body; a blank canvas of all the good bits.

You'll learn the tapping points and how to use EFT when you experience uncomfortable sensations so that you can use this technique at any time to access feelings of calm, reassurance and safety.

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