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I'm Caz, 

Based in Sussex, I help you put the

hustle and bustle

on the backseat so that you can

experience a sense of space and

leave feeling clearer, more

peaceful, mindful, and rested.

There are plenty of ways to discover

mindfulness with me, including: 

- Yoga Classes 

- Coaching
- Meditations
- Weekend and day retreats in Sussex

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'One of the most central conditions for any healing journey is safety; for you to feel entirely safe, secure and supported by the practitioner and the space they hold for you.


Caz creates flawless safety - she is non-judgemental, gentle, grounded as well as directional - and thus creates the perfect conditions for healing. A hallmark too of a great practitioner is knowing not only when to guide, make suggestions or provide powerful insights or reframes, but also when to be silent and simply hold the space. Again, Caz intuitively knows when to prompt and when to step back, empowering you to take the reins of your own transformation.


Her insights have facilitated huge growth and new possibility for me across a range of beliefs and topics including love and relationships, overwhelm and self-sabotage, business and money. She sees your blindspots and brings them into the light for you to re-examine and evolve.


Caz will guide you delicately, intuitively and powerfully to where you are meant

to be!'

Megan, EFT client

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