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How Yoga helps me take care of myself as Winter draws in

The latest update from CJYoga includes Mindful Flow and Parent and Child Yoga classes in Hassocks this November

A friend recently recommended an artist to me on Spotify and I wanted to share her music with you because I love the lyrics. It feels as if each song contains lots of little mantras and wise words of wisdom which settle within me in an uplifting and reflective way. Click here to listen to Fia.

‘I forgive myself because I’m doing the best I can.’ Fia.

What a beautiful message and reminder that we can only do our best.

Sometimes we don’t get as much done as we'd like, or feel how we want to feel. And we can make that harder for ourselves by trying to fight against it.

I’m learning to listen to the signs my mood and body give me and take more rest instead of trying to push on with all the energy of someone filled with sunshine, warmth and Vitamin D. So I’d love to know what your self-care tips are as we head towards Winter.

Yoga is my 'non-negotiable'.

That first half an hour in the morning, when I slip out of bed and patter onto my mat is the one time in each day when everyone and everything else gets put aside.

That time is just for me.

I move. Think. Feel.

It's where my mind slowly wakes up.

Where my body begins to warm up and ease into the day.

It's how I connect with what I'm feeling and what I might need.

It's like plugging myself into a charging point and welcoming energy to flow in.

That’s my self-care. I very much hope you find an offering that appeals to you to support you through this next season.

Mindful Yoga Flow Classes in Hassocks

Join us on Saturdays at Profiles Studio in Hassocks from 9 - 10 am. Mindful Yoga Flow is gentle movement class which is suitable for all levels. I offer suggestions and invitations to make poses stronger if you want to.

These sessions also include elements of Restorative Yoga although to help you unwind at the start of your weekend.

For those booking the 4 November classes in advance I offer a discounted rate of £35. If you prefer to book on week by week basis please email Upon receipt of your email a space will be reserved for you for 24 hours. Your space will be confirmed upon payment of £10 per session.

Meditation Mail

Sign up to the Meditation Mail subscription service to receive a weekly mindfulness practice to your inbox every Tuesday morning. Each session is under 15 minutes.

Parent and Child Yoga

Bring your little one to rest, stretch, move, play and laugh with you on Saturday 18th November 2 - 2.45 pm at Profiles Studio in Hassocks.

Parent and Child yoga classes are best suited for ages 4 - 9 years. They provide a space for you to enjoy 1:1 time with your child in a peaceful environment to explore Yoga-inspired movement and mindfulness practices.

£15 per pair. Please email to book your place.

Retreats in Sussex

The Winter Wellness Weekend Retreat is now fully booked. Ylva and I looking at new venues and options to bring you another wonderful weekend of yoga, relaxation and community in the new year.

There is one space open for the next Rural Sussex Girl Mini Retreat this coming weekend (Saturday 4th November). Click here to discover the magic of networking groups like Rural Sussex Girl .

Saturday Slumber: 2 - 4 pm. Saturday 4th November Profiles Studio, Hassocks includes a fun creative session to print your own tote bag, guided by Love Art Studios , a guided meditation and gentle yoga practice. Snacks and chats are included as always!

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