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Discover the Magic of Networking: 4 Compelling Reasons to Join a Networking Group

I am beyond honoured and excited to work with a local Networking Group, Rural Sussex Girl. Here's why...

When I moved to Sussex 8 or 9 (or maybe 10 ) years ago, it didn't make sense to many people - maybe anyone, including me! It just felt right.

But with a new home and local area can come a feeling of being 'misplaced'. Trying to settle in, meet new people, maybe find a place to live or someone to live with, perhaps even a new job, all while hoping to experience a sense of belonging.

Since completing my Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 I began offering Mindful Yoga Flow classes in Hassocks, Sussex.

These classes, and teaching Yoga, are the sole way I met 90% of my friends.

People who just fit right into my heart as if they've always been there; a strong web invisible to the eye that holds and forms trust, warmth, safety and comfort.

Yoga became more than movement.

Yoga was (and is) a connection and community; an activity that feels like home.

I can't describe how precious my yoga clients, friends and even some who feel like family are to me. They've supported me through big changes and I've provided an anchor for them to arrive back to at every Yoga class they attend. We've laughed, cried and loved so very very very hard.

How can a network group help you find a sense of community?

I am so honoured, proud and excited to be working with Rural Sussex Girl, part of the City Girl Network which was created to help women find friends, housemates, travel companions and business connections.

The Rural Sussex Girl project is dedicated to helping other females ages 18+ to make the most of the amazing countryside we call home. How lucky are we?!

The group runs monthly meet-ups, which include countryside walks, brunch, yoga, meditation, fruit + veg picking, pub Sundays, and seasonal activities.

Come and join us! The next event with CJYoga and Rural Sussex Girl is a collaboration with Love Art Studios. Click here to find out about this Creative Rest Afternoon. You are invited to join this small group session to share a guided relaxation, slow and gentle yoga practice (suitable for all levels including total beginners) and a fun session designing your own tote bag. The session will close with snacks and chats.

Compelling Reasons to Join a Networking Group

If you feel a little lost, or would just love to make some new friends, explore the Sussex Countryside and discover what small local businesses are offering Rural Sussex Girl is the place for you.

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