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My favourite Self-Care habits

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I used to save therapies, healings, retreats and massages for when life felt really hard.

Hands up if you think booking a massage once in a while is self-care?

I made that mistake too. And recently.

Sitting with big mug of cacao resting on a blanket with a journal and pen, taking a mindful moment
Sipping a mug of cacao before a journalling session

Massages are amazing.

Therapies are wonderful. Our bodies and minds need more.

Self-care is committing to regular moments that are just for you. It's having time in your day to be aware of how you're feeling and what you need.

This month I'm exploring creating more space for myself. It looks like having a calming cup of tea, without distractions, each morning.

Somehow, putting something else on my 'to do' list, feels like it has created more space in my day.

I am realising that when life is good, there are still things to release. Self-care shouldn't be saved for when life feels really hard.

And what we release when things already feel good can only lift us higher.

Meditation is giving myself space for everything to become clear. When I’m not trying to have it all worked out, it magically seems to slot into place by itself.

It might not ‘fix’ something, but it helps me see it differently or feel more comfortable with it.

Meditation doesn't have to be still and uncomfortable.

There is no need to force your mind or body to sit with it.

You can move and wriggle.

You can laugh and cry.

You can feel and think.

Your mind can wander; maybe you can allow it to, accept it and perhaps choose to gently guide it back to a soothing breath.

Perhaps you'll notice how that feels and welcome a sense of relief.

The breath is a tool that is always with you.

It's there to support you and bring you all that you need.

Let's explore its power - this is why I created the Meditation Mail Subscription Service.

Do something every day, that is just for you

Take a deep breath. Sip a cup of tea without distraction. Take a nap. Join a yoga class. Go for a massage. Curl up on the sofa in the middle of that day. Go for a walk. Journal.

Choose something every day that helps you to slow down before you burn out.

We all deserve to rest.

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