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Mindfulness and Yoga in Hassocks - July 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Mindful Yoga Flow Class, Profiles Studio, Hassocks - Saturdays 9 - 10 am

Start the weekend with a gentle yoga flow class as we move through sequences to soothe the aches and pains that you request. These yoga classes in Hassocks are open to all levels to practice together.

Discover how noticing the sensations as we move can help you unwind and release tension. You'll float out the door feeling calm and ready for the weekend.

£10 per class or £35 if booking in advance for July. Please note there is no class on Saturday 15th July.

Meditation Mail

Sign up to receive a short mindfulness practice to your inbox every Tuesday morning. These sessions are mindfully created to help you create moments of calm in your day. Sessions include meditation, guided relaxations, breathing practices, mini EFT workshops and journalling prompts. Email to sign up for just £5 per month.

Online EFT Introduct

ion - Thursday 6th July 7.30 - 8.30 pm

EFT is best described as acupuncture for emotions - and without using needles!

Using EFT we are able to help you get to the root of uncomfortable feelings or behaviors that you experience and release the trauma behind them, creating a sense of emotional freedom.

Our emotions and reactions are formed on our previous experiences, so if our subconscious perceives a situation as similar it can send you into a warning stage (eg. anxiety) despite your present situation actually being safe.

EFT enables us to take this trauma response out, and therefore create space for how you want to feel instead.

It's very powerful, yet g

entle work; great for anxiety, phobias and limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome.

Let's talk about Imposter Syndrome...

The niggling little voice that questions if you are good enough... doing enough... doing it right.

Where is the self-doubt coming from?

Join me online for an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as we tap into this feeling and discover what comes up, what we can move out, and what flows afterward.

Thursday 6th July, 7.30 -

8.30 pm. Email to sign up. £20 per person.

Summer Rest Retreat Day - July 15th 🕊️

A retreat creates the opportunity for our minds, and bodies, to rest and restore. By allowing ourselves to settle into relaxation we reap the rewards of enhanced energy, focus, creativity, patience and well-being.

Our morning will focus on tips and tools to soothe and settle during times of stress and busy-ness.

Enjoy a gentle yoga flow class including breathing techniques and somatic relaxation practices before we take a

homemade lunch (provided) outside to enjoy the surroundings.

After a mindful walk in the Ashdown Forest we’ll settle back on our mats for a meditative Sound Bath.

There'll be an opportunity to chat and journal over tea and snacks.

Our day ends with a guided meditation and restorative yoga.

£110 per person

All food and equipment is included. Plus a goodie bag to take home and help keep the bubble of rest and self-care glowing brightly.

Visit for full details and how to book this Rest Retreat Day.

Or email

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